Activities that start with F

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List Of activities that start with F :

faintingFrisbyFly fishing
fappingfriendsfood making
FornicatingFlying kitesfumar
free fallingFlutefrench kissing
food eatingFallFeeding birds
finger paintingFrisbee golfFamily time
FightingFloating in a poolflying kite
Field hockeyflower arrangingFrying
Fly a kitefishingFlyfishing
Falling asleepFacetimeFine dining
Flower pickingFree divingFarting around
Fooling aroundFitnessfrizbee
Filmingflying planesFlapping
free runningfantasy footballFilm
Freestyle swimmingFun stuffFloating in pool
Figure skatingfanningFalling down
feastingFloating in the poolFolding clothes
Flag Footballfutbolforaging
Feltingflippingfingering yourself
flying paper airplanesFLYINGFeeding ducks
freestylingFace paintingflying fox
Flamingo dancingFloat in poolfast walking
FrolfFour squareFap
footyFarmingfilm watching
FiddlingFlirtingfree climbing
Flying a kiteFloatingFacetiming
frog catching  

What are some less known activities that start with the letter F

Fencing, falconry, foraging.

Fishing, field hockey, football, and figure skating.

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