Body parts that start with Q -Human Body parts Names

Welcome to our blog post about body parts that start with Q! In this post, we will be discussing various body parts that begin with the letter Q. We will be providing information about each of these body parts, as well as discussing some of their functions. We hope you enjoy this post and learn something new!

The first body part we will be discussing is the quadriceps. A quadriceps are a group of four muscles located on the front of the thigh. These muscles help to extend the knee and flex the hip. The quadriceps are responsible for many activities, such as walking, running, and jumping.

Next on our list is the quadratus femoris muscle. This muscle is located on the posterior side of the thigh and helps to extend and abduct (move away from the midline)the thigh at the hip joint. It also assists in rotation movement when the foot is fixed. Lastly, it helps stabilize the knee joint during the standing leg stance phase.

The next body part we will discuss is called the radial artery. This artery runs down your arm alongside your thumb bone (the radius). It supplies blood flow to your hand and fingers – specifically, all but your little finger which gets its blood supply from a different artery called “the ulnar artery”

List Of Body parts that start with Q

quadratus musclequestionQenis
quimQuestioning brainQuiche
Q partq拽专谞讬转Quadratus.
QackquesoQuadriceps Femoris Muscle
quandale dingleQuitQuadratus
QuadricepQuiet mouthqueue
quadratus lumborum musclequadratus lumborumQuick
quadratus lumborum muscle.queixoQuiet lips

Human Body parts that start with Q

  • Quadriceps
  • Quadriceps muscles.
  • Quads
  • Quadratus Lumborum muscle
  • Queen
  • Quadriceps femoris muscle


What are the different body parts that start with the letter Q?

The different body parts that start with the letter Q are the quadriceps, the quintessence, and the quivering.

What is the name of the first body part that starts with the letter Q?

The first body part that starts with the letter Q is the quill.

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