Body parts that start with Y -Human Body parts Names

Today we’re going to be talking about Body parts that start with Y. There are quite a few of them, so let’s get started!

The first one is the yolk sac. It’s an important part of a baby’s development in the womb, and it helps to nourish them during their early stages of growth. After a baby is born, the yolk sac usually disappears fairly quickly.

Next up is the yin joint. It’s located in your ankle, and it helps you to rotate your foot inward and outward. This joint can be prone to injury, so make sure you take care of it!

List Of Body parts that start with Y

your elbowYickyour legs
youngYellow bone marrowyour boobs
Your heartYaleYour skin
YuhYellow eyeYour hair
YemaYupYour hands
Your lungsyamyapper
yearsYoniyellow pee
YEETYelpyellow bile
Yawning mouthYakYouth
YellbowYour shoulderYema del dedo
yogurtyadyolk sac
your bumYellow eyesYour back
y chromosomeY-ChromosomYour ears
yuckYellow boneYucky
Yeahyoung skinYour head

Human Body parts that start with Y

  • Yolk sac
  • Y chromosome
  • Yellow eyes
  • Yellow Marrow
  • Young skin


What are the different body parts that start with the letter Y?

Yard, yolk, wrist, knee

What is the letter Y in medical terms

The letter Y is a symbol for the yield sign.

What is the name of the first body part that begins with the letter Y?


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