Languages that start with R- List of Languages Names

Welcome to the website of languages that start with R. This is a site for all language lovers who want to explore and learn about the diverse and fascinating languages that begin with the eighteenth letter of the alphabet. Whether you are looking for a widely spoken language like Russian, Romanian, or Rarotongan, or a lesser-known language like Romani, Rajasthani, or Rotokas, you will find it here. You will also find information about the history, family, speakers, writing system, and features of each language, as well as some examples and resources to help you learn more. This website is based on the information from the web search results of Bing, the world’s leading search engine. You can find the sources of the information at the end of each page. We hope you enjoy this website and find some new languages that start with the letter R. Happy language learning!

List Of languages that start with R:

  • Russian Sign Language (Signing)
  • Romanian (Romance)
  • Rotokas (East Papuan)
  • Rajasthani (Indo-Aryan)
  • Réunion Creole or Bourbonnais (French-based creole)
  • Romany (Indo-Iranian)
  • Runyankole language or Nyankore (Bantu)
  • Romblomanon (Malayo-Polynesian)
  • Romansh or Rhaeto-Romance (Romance)
  • Ratagnon or Datagnon or Latagnun (Malayo-Polynesian)
  • Russian (Slavic)
  • Ruthenian or Rusyn or Carpathian (Slavic)

Languages that start with the letter R Here are brief descriptions for each of the listed languages:

  1. Russian Sign Language (Signing): A visual-gestural language used by the Deaf community in Russia for communication.
  2. Romanian (Romance): A Romance language spoken primarily in Romania and Moldova, with influences from Latin.
  3. Rotokas (East Papuan): An East Papuan language spoken in the Bougainville region of Papua New Guinea.
  4. Rajasthani (Indo-Aryan): An Indo-Aryan language spoken in the Indian state of Rajasthan and surrounding areas.
  5. Réunion Creole or Bourbonnais (French-based creole): A creole language spoken on the island of Réunion, influenced by French.
  6. Romany (Indo-Iranian): An Indo-Aryan language spoken by the Romani people, dispersed across various regions.
  7. Runyankole language or Nyankore (Bantu): A Bantu language spoken by the Nyankore people in Uganda.
  8. Romblomanon (Malayo-Polynesian): A Malayo-Polynesian language spoken in the Romblon province of the Philippines.
  9. Romansh or Rhaeto-Romance (Romance): A Romance language spoken in the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland.
  10. Ratagnon or Datagnon or Latagnun (Malayo-Polynesian): A Malayo-Polynesian language spoken by the Ratagnon people in the Philippines.
  11. Russian (Slavic): A Slavic language spoken in Russia and several other countries across Eurasia.
  12. Ruthenian or Rusyn or Carpathian (Slavic): A Slavic language spoken by the Rusyn people in Eastern Europe.

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