Languages that start with U – List of Languages Names

Welcome to the website of languages that start with U. This is a site for all language lovers who want to explore and learn about the rare and unique languages that begin with the twenty-first letter of the alphabet. Whether you are looking for a European language like Ukrainian, Udmurt, or Upper Sorbian, or an African language like Ugaritic, Umbundu, or Urhobo, you will find it here. You will also find information about the origin, family, speakers, writing system, and features of each language, as well as some examples and resources to help you learn more. This website is based on the information from the web search results of Bing, the world’s leading search engine. You can find the sources of the information at the end of each page. We hope you enjoy this website and find some new languages that start with the letter U. Happy language learning

List Of languages that start with U:

  • Upper Sorbian (Slavic)
  • Uripiv (Malayo-Polynesian)
  • Ukwuani-Aboh-Ndoni (Niger-Congo)
  • Uzbek (Turkic)
  • Urdu (Indo-aryan)
  • Ukrainian (Slavic)
  • Ulch or Olcha (Tungusic)
  • Unserdeutsch or Rabaul Creole German (German-based creole)
  • Udmurt or Votyak (Uralic)
  • Ute (Uto-Aztecan)
  • Urum (Turkic)
  • Udihe or Ude or Udege (Tungusic)
  • Uyghur or Uigur (Turkic)

Languages that start with the letter U Here are brief descriptions for each of the listed languages:

  1. Upper Sorbian (Slavic): A West Slavic language spoken by the Sorbs in eastern Germany, primarily in the region of Upper Lusatia.
  2. Uripiv (Malayo-Polynesian): A Malayo-Polynesian language spoken on the island of Uripiv in Vanuatu.
  3. Ukwuani-Aboh-Ndoni (Niger-Congo): A Niger-Congo language spoken in Nigeria, specifically in the Ukwuani, Aboh, and Ndoni regions.
  4. Uzbek (Turkic): A Turkic language spoken primarily in Uzbekistan, known for its significant influence in Central Asia.
  5. Urdu (Indo-Aryan): An Indo-Aryan language with roots in the Indian subcontinent, widely spoken in Pakistan and India, and recognized as one of the official languages of Pakistan.
  6. Ukrainian (Slavic): An East Slavic language spoken by the Ukrainian people, primarily in Ukraine.
  7. Ulch or Olcha (Tungusic): A Tungusic language spoken by the Ulch people in the Russian Far East.
  8. Unserdeutsch or Rabaul Creole German (German-based creole): A German-based creole language spoken in Rabaul, Papua New Guinea.
  9. Udmurt or Votyak (Uralic): A Uralic language spoken by the Udmurt people in Russia.
  10. Ute (Uto-Aztecan): A Uto-Aztecan language spoken by the Ute people in the western United States.
  11. Urum (Turkic): A Turkic language spoken by the Urum people in Crimea and the Crimean Tatar diaspora.
  12. Udihe or Ude or Udege (Tungusic): A Tungusic language spoken by the Udege people in Russia.
  13. Uyghur or Uigur (Turkic): A Turkic language spoken by the Uyghur people, primarily in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China.

Each of these languages represents a unique facet of linguistic diversity, reflecting the cultural heritage and history of the communities where they are spoken.

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