Planets that start with A – list of Planet Names 2024

Welcome to “CelestialAtlas: A Galactic Odyssey,” your premier destination for exploring the wonders of the cosmos! Embark on an astronomical journey with us as we delve into the captivating realm of planets that bear names starting with the letter “A.” From the ancient mysteries of Mercury to the enigmatic beauty of Uranus, join us in unraveling the celestial tapestry that graces our night sky. Prepare to be enchanted by the celestial bodies that beckon from the vast expanse of space, as we uncover the secrets and marvels of Planets that Start with A. Let the cosmic exploration begin!

Planet: Enter the cosmic domain as we introduce you to the remarkable planets and exoplanets, the celestial entities that reside beyond our Solar system. While only a select few earn proper names, the International Astronomical Union periodically invites the world to participate in naming contests for newly discovered exoplanets.

Star: Learn about the luminous companions that these celestial bodies orbit – stars with proper names or scientific designations that contribute to the intricate dance of cosmic forces.

Distance: Embark on a journey through the cosmos by exploring the approximate distance from our Solar system to the host star, measured in the vast expanse of light-years.

Discovery: Uncover the timelines of discovery for each planet or exoplanet, providing insights into the evolving narrative of our understanding of the universe.

Meaning: Delve into the origins and significance behind the names assigned to these cosmic wanderers, understanding how their designations contribute to the rich tapestry of our exploration beyond the familiar boundaries of our Solar system.

List Of Planets that start with A:

ArkasIntercrus (41 Lyncis)2882007One of the sons of Zeus and Callisto in Greek mythology
ArionMusica (18 Delphini)2382008Ancient Greek poet
AumatexKoeia (HIP 12961)752009God of the wind in Taíno mythology
ArberIllyrian (HD 82886)4082011Name for inhabitants of Albania during the Middle Ages
ÆgirRan (Epsilon Eridani)102000God of the sea in Norse mythology
AmateruAin (Epsilon Tauri)1552006From Amaterasu, the Japanese goddess of the sun
AwasisNikawiy (HD 136418)3202010“child” in a native Canadian language
AlefTevel (HAT-P-9)15662008The first letter of the Hebrew alphabet
AlbmiNásti (HD 68988)1892001“sky” in a native Norwegian language
AsyeNyamien (WASP-15)10052008Earth goddess in Akan mythology
AgoutoAtakoraka (WASP-64)12202011Name of the highest mountain in Togo
AbolBuna (HD 16175)1962009From a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony

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