Plants that start with O – list of indoor, Outdoor, and Perennial Plants Names 2024

Step into the enchanting world of botanical wonders as we embark on a captivating journey through the diverse and vibrant realm of plants that start with the letter “O.” This digital haven celebrates the extraordinary diversity of flora that graces our gardens, landscapes, and indoor spaces, each contributing its unique charm to the rich tapestry of nature.

The spotlight falls on an array of botanical treasures, from the delicate allure of Oenothera’s evening primroses to the aromatic symphony of Oregano, both culinary herb and ornamental delight. Ornamental Onions (Alliums) stand tall with their globular flower heads, while the ornate foliage of Osmunda, the Cinnamon Fern, adds an air of elegance to shaded corners.

Explore the culinary and medicinal possibilities of Oregano, discover the whimsical beauty of Oxalis, and immerse yourself in the allure of plants like Oenothera, whose blossoms unfold as the sun sets. The world of “O” plants is a playground of textures, colors, and fragrances, and this curated collection is your guide to unlocking the secrets of these remarkable specimens.

Whether you are a seasoned horticulturist, an aspiring green thumb, or simply an admirer of the natural world, our comprehensive guide offers insights into the characteristics, care, and fascinating histories of these botanical wonders. Let the exploration of plants that start with “O” be the gateway to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the intricate beauty that surrounds us.

Join us as we navigate through the mesmerizing foliage, blossoms, and habitats of Osmunda, Ornamental Onions, and other captivating companions. The language of plants unfolds in every leaf, petal, and stem, and the letter “O” beckons you to partake in the magic. Welcome to a digital sanctuary where the world of flora comes alive, and the journey through “O” plants promises to be a symphony of discovery and delight.

List Of Plants that start with O:

Oxford RagwortOrthrosanthusOrbea
OzothamnusOstryaOrange Coneflower
Orange MilkweedOnocleaOophytum
Osage OrangeOemleriaOdontonema
oakoakleaf goosefootoat
oak treeodontoglossumoffset
ohio buckeyeohio goldenrodoilseed
okra plantomphalotusomphalotus illudens
oil nutoil palmokra

Plants That Start With OC:

  • ochroma
  • ochna
  • oca
  • ochnaceae
  • ocimum basilicum
  • ocotillo
  • ocimum
  • ochna serrulata
  • ochroma lagopus
  • oconee bells
  • ochna family

Plants That Start With OB:

  • obechi
  • obedient plant
  • obovate leaf
  • oblanceolate leaf
  • oblong woodsia
  • obeche
  • obtuse leaf
  • oblong leaf
  • obedience plant

Plants That Start With OS:

ostryaosmanthus americanusosmund
osmunda clatoniaosmunda cinnamoneaosier
osmunda regalisostioleostryopsis
ostrya virginianaoswego teaosmundaceae
osmanthusosage orangeostrya carpinifolia
ostrich fern

Plants That Start With OE:

  • oenanthe crocata
  • oenanthe
  • oenothera macrocarpa
  • oenothera biennis
  • oenothera
  • oenanthe aquatica
  • oenothera fruticosa

Plants That Start With ON:

ononis repensonion plantonopordum
onobrychisononisonion mildew
onobrychis viciifoliaonoclea struthiopterisonopordon acanthium
onion stemonopordum acanthiumonion
onobrychis viciaefoliaoncidiumonoclea
ononis spinosaoncidium papilioonoclea sensibilis
onopordononion smut

Plants That Start With OP:

  • ophrys
  • opuntia cholla
  • ophrys apifera
  • opuntia tuna
  • ophioglossum pendulum
  • ophioglossales
  • ophrys insectifera
  • opepe
  • opuntia
  • ophioglossaceae
  • opossum wood
  • ophioglossum
  • ophrys muscifera
  • ophrys sphegodes
  • opuntiales
  • opuntia lindheimeri
  • opium poppy

Plants That Start With OL:

olive familyoleariaold witchgrass
old world yewolea cunninghamiiolea
oligoporus leucospongiaolearia argophyllaold man of the mountain
old maid flowerolea europaeaold maid
old world hop hornbeamolealesoleandraceae
olfersia cervinaoleandraoleander
oleandra mollisoleander fernolearia haastii
oliveold witch grassolfersia
oleaster familyold growtholive tree
oleandra neriiformisolea lanceolataold world mistletoe

Plants That Start With OR:

oriental cherryorder sclerodermatalesorchidaceae
order scrophularialesornithogalum umbellatumorrisroot
order myrtalesorder tremellalesorder diapensiales
order nidularialesorder mucoralesormosia monosperma
order orchidalesorchid treeorder rosales
order thymelaealesoracheorder graminales
orontiumorder agaricalesorder plumbaginales
order lechanoralesornithogalumorange peel fungus
oreganoorder sphaerocarpalesorder hypocreales
orange fleabaneorder monilialesorder pezizales
oregon alderoregon mapleoriental spruce
order ginkgoalesorder ericalesoriental arborvitae
origanum vulgareorder lycopodialesorder plantaginales
orchisorder aspergillalesorder papaverales
order lepidodendralesorchis papilionaceaeorder palmales
orange milkwortorder ustilaginalesorder bennettitales
order auricularialesorder psilotalesorange
order lyginopteridalesorder urticalesorder malvales
orchis spectabilisorder piperalesormosia
oregon firoriganum majoranaorder endomycetales
order coniferalesorder filicalesoreopteris limbosperma
order aralesorder jungermannialesorange mushroom pimple
order eubryalesorachorder proteales
origanum dictamnusorder tuberalesoregon lily
orange hawkweedorder ophioglossalesorris
order lichenalesoryzopsis hymenoidesorchis mascula
oregon ashorchilorder ebenales
order cordaitalesorder sarracenialesorder eurotiales
orchid familyorange milkweedorder juglandales
order polypodialesoregon pineorites excelsa
ormosia coarctataorder sapindalesorder pandanales
orpineorobanchaceaeorder mycelia sterilia
orchidorder rhamnalesorder hypericales
orchidaceous plantorder polemonialesorbignya spesiosa
order casuarinalesorder equisetalesorder taxales
oryzaorder ranalesoriental garlic
order dicranalesorder sphagnalesorder gentianales
ornithogalum thyrsoidesorder campanulalesorder umbellales
order parietalesorder cycadofilicalesorder salicales
orthotropous ovuleorder geranialesorchid cactus
order olealesorder naiadalesorder tulostomatales
order peronosporalesorder guttiferalesorder myricales
oregon myrtleorbignya phalerataorites
order lilialesorder commelinalesorder xyridales
order aristolochialesorder entomophthoralesorchidales
order primulalesorder blastocladialesoregon white oak
oregon oakorder saprolegnialesorder caryophyllales
order musalesornamentalornithogalum pyrenaicum
oregon grapeoregon larchordeal bean
oriental bittersweetorder cycadalesoregon holly grape
order selaginellalesordeal treeorder uredinales
orchard apple treeoryzopsisorangewood
order lycoperdalesorder gnetalesorange balsam
orchard grassorder phallalesorpin
order helotialesorder isoetalesorder rhoeadales
order fagalesorder andreaealesorder sphaeriales
order secotialesoriental bush cherryorange sneezeweed
orange daisyorontium aquaticumorder opuntiales
order erysiphalesorder bryalesorder marattiales
oriental poppyorbignyaorder anthocerotales
orbignya martianaoreopterisorder alismales
oryza sativaorange treeoriganum
order polygonalesorder chytridialesoryzopsis miliacea
oriental black mushroomorder santalalesorder hymenogastrales
orbiculate leaforder psilophytalesoregon cedar
orbignya cohuneorthiliaorder rubiales
oregon crab appleorange grassorder aphyllophorales
order marchantialesorder ranunculalesoriental plane

Plants That Start With OX:

  • oxalidaceae
  • oxalis
  • oxalis acetosella
  • oxalis caprina
  • oxalis cernua
  • oxalis corniculata
  • oxalis crenata
  • oxalis tuberosa
  • oxalis violacea
  • oxandra
  • oxandra lanceolata
  • oxeye
  • oxeye daisy
  • oxheart
  • oxlip
  • oxtongue
  • oxydendrum
  • oxydendrum arboreum
  • oxytropis
  • oxytropis lambertii

Plants That Start With OY:

  • oyster plant
  • oyster fungus
  • oyster mushroom
  • oyster agaric

Plants That Start With OZ:

  • ozark chinquapin
  • ozark sundrops
  • ozonium
  • ozark chinkapin
  • ozothamnus

List Of indoor plants that start with O:

Certainly! Here are some indoor plants that start with the letter “O”:

  1. Orchid (Orchidaceae): Orchids are known for their stunning and exotic flowers. While they can be a bit more challenging to care for, they are popular indoor plants.
  2. Oxalis (Oxalis spp.): Also known as shamrocks, Oxalis plants have attractive trifoliate leaves and produce small, delicate flowers.
  3. Oyster Plant (Tradescantia spathacea): Also called Moses-in-the-cradle, this plant has distinctive sword-shaped leaves with purple undersides.
  4. Oleander (Nerium oleander): Oleander is a flowering shrub that can be grown indoors in containers. It produces clusters of fragrant flowers.
  5. Octopus Tree (Schefflera actinophylla): The Schefflera, often referred to as the Octopus Tree, is an attractive and easy-to-care-for houseplant with distinctive, palmate leaves.
  6. Ornamental Pepper (Capsicum annuum): Some varieties of ornamental peppers, such as the “Black Pearl” or “Purple Flash,” are grown as indoor plants for their colorful fruits.
  7. Overhead Plant (Maranta leuconeura): Also known as the prayer plant, the Maranta has decorative leaves that fold upward in the evening, resembling praying hands.

Remember to consider factors like light, humidity, and watering requirements when selecting indoor plants to ensure their well-being in your living space.

Outdoor plants that start with O:

Certainly! Here are some outdoor plants that start with the letter “O”:

  1. Oleander (Nerium oleander): Oleander is a popular outdoor shrub known for its evergreen foliage and colorful, fragrant flowers.
  2. Oregano (Origanum vulgare): While commonly grown as a culinary herb, oregano can also be planted outdoors in garden beds or containers for its aromatic leaves and tiny flowers.
  3. Osteospermum (African Daisy): Osteospermum is a flowering plant that produces daisy-like flowers and is well-suited for outdoor gardens, adding vibrant colors.
  4. Oxeye Daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare): A classic perennial with white, daisy-like flowers, oxeye daisies are commonly found in outdoor landscapes and meadows.
  5. Oregano (Origanum vulgare): While often grown indoors, oregano can thrive outdoors in garden beds, providing fresh leaves for culinary use.
  6. Ornamental Grasses: Various ornamental grasses, such as Ophiopogon (Mondo Grass) or Miscanthus, can be planted outdoors to add texture and movement to garden landscapes.
  7. Oak Tree (Quercus spp.): Oaks are majestic outdoor trees that provide shade and are essential components of many landscapes.
  8. Onion (Allium cepa): While typically grown as a vegetable, onions also produce attractive flowers and can be planted in outdoor gardens.

When selecting outdoor plants, consider factors like climate, soil conditions, and sunlight exposure to ensure they thrive in your specific location.

Perennial plants that start with O:

Certainly! Here are some perennial plants that start with the letter “O”:

  1. Oenothera (Evening Primrose): A group of perennials known for their showy, fragrant flowers that bloom in the evening.
  2. Oregano (Origanum vulgare): While commonly used as a culinary herb, oregano is a perennial with aromatic leaves and small pink or purple flowers.
  3. Oxalis (Wood Sorrel): A perennial plant with shamrock-like leaves and small, colorful flowers. Some varieties are grown for their ornamental value.
  4. Oenothera biennis (Common Evening-Primrose): A biennial or short-lived perennial with yellow flowers that open in the evening.
  5. Osmunda (Cinnamon Fern): A perennial fern known for its attractive, cinnamon-colored fertile fronds.
  6. Omphalodes (Navelwort): A low-growing perennial with blue flowers, often used as ground cover in shaded areas.
  7. Ophiopogon (Mondo Grass): A perennial grass-like plant that is often used as ground cover, known for its dark green, strappy leaves.
  8. Ornamental Onion (Allium spp.): Various Allium species, such as Allium giganteum or Allium schoenoprasum (Chives), are perennials known for their unique globe-shaped flower heads.

When incorporating these perennial plants into your garden, consider factors like soil conditions, sunlight, and water requirements to ensure their optimal growth and longevity.


As we bring the curtain down on our exploration of the captivating world of plants that commence with the letter “O,” we find ourselves amidst an array of natural wonders, each contributing its unique charm to the botanical symphony. From the delicate beauty of Oenothera’s evening blooms to the culinary versatility of Oregano, these “O” plants have illuminated the diverse facets of nature’s bounty.

As we bid adieu to this digital garden, we hope the journey through the foliage of Oxalis, the fragrant allure of Ornamental Onions, and the ornate grace of Osmunda has fostered a deeper appreciation for the green tapestry that adorns our planet. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or an aspiring enthusiast, may the knowledge gained here serve as fertile soil for your botanical adventures.

Take the insights into your own outdoor havens, allowing the wisdom of these plants to flourish in your gardens and landscapes. As we close this chapter, may the letter “O” forever signify the orchestration of life, the opulence of nature, and the ongoing celebration of the remarkable plant kingdom. Thank you for embarking on this botanical journey with us. Until we explore the next alphabetical wonder, may your connection with plants continue to blossom and thrive.

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