vegetables that start with a

List Of Vegetables That Start With A

Once Moses asks God if he were God then what would ask from him. Then God replies, I would ask for good health. A healthy fitness body provides us with all joy, no one can deny it cause if you are sick then you can’t enjoy single a moment you pass. Okay, we won’t go to details now. Here we are for searching for vegetables that start with a

Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy and wealthy, sorry wrong quote, just kidding, with a fresh mind and good health jokes comes around. Anyway, you must be aware of vegetable capacity to keep someone fit and healthy. A green fresh vegetable plays the most important role in our food structure. It creates certain amounts of nutrition for our health to keep us energetic. 

Mother nature creates plenty of fruits and vegetables around the whole world for us. Today our topic is vegetables beginning with a letter name. Okay, let’s see what we have got.

Top 20 Vegetables That Start With A

Vegetables that start with ac

Acorn Squash

Vegetables that start with an ad

Adzuki Bean

vegetables that start with al

Alfalfa Sprouts

vegetables that start with ah


vegetables that start with am


Amaranth Leaves

American Groundnut



vegetables that start with ar







vegetables that start with as

Asian Radish


vegetables that start with au


Aubergine (Eggplant)


Description of A letter beginning vegetables. 

1. Acorn Squash:

vegetables that start with a

vegetables beginning with a: Acorn Squash is one of the popular vegetables with a high nutrition rate. People from all around the has a very soft place for this vegetable. From east to west Acorn Squash always keep its eater fresh. 

2. Adzuki Beans:

vegetables beginning with a

veg beginning with a : Vegetable lovers? Then must be familiar with Adzuki Beans. This vegetable very useful while you are on a journey or adventure cause you can keep them fresh for a long time. In your favorite list of vegetables, you can add them. 

3. Alfalfa Sprouts:

green vegetables starting with a
what vegetable starts with a

veggies that start with a: Alfalfa Sprouts, we mostly see this green veggie with our salad, sandwich, or burger. It doesn’t use with the culinary process directly cause mature Alfalfa Sprouts leaves are kinda bitter. 

4. Amaranth:

what vegetable starts with a

vegetables that start with the letter a: Amaranthus is collectively known as Amaranths, a short-lived perennial plant. It’s a very high nutritious vegetable. The fun fact is that Amaranth was banned by the FDA( American Drag and Food Administration) for suspect of having carcinogen. 

5. Amaranth Leaves:

fruits and vegetables that start with the letter a

veggies that start with a: As earlier, we were talking about Amaranth, now let’s introduce you to leaves. Amaranth Leaves are very useful and healthy. People from all over the world eat this vegetable, most famous in the eastern part of the world. 

6. American Groundnut:

Vegetarian name starts with a: When it comes to making a vegetable list with a word, American Groundnut must be included. These American Groundnuts are hugely popular in the whole world. It tastes mind-blowing with peppy or cock. 

7. Aonori:


green vegetables starting with a : among them Aonori is worth mentioning. In most Asian countries, they call it Aonori but in English, we know this as Green Leaver. Widely popular and commercially cultivated in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, etc., and also in some other continent. 

8. Arracacha:

vegetables that start with a: Arracacha is such a vegetable that not only famous among the veggies fan but also has the same popularity among the junk food eater. It’s tested sweet and its production says it’s a mid vegetable between carrot and celery root. 

9. Arrowroot:

fruit and veg beginning with a

vegetable starting from a: Arrowroot has always been a favorite choice among the veggie fan community. Its high powerful nutrition and freshness always attract those who are willing to keep their body fit. 

10. Asparagus:


People also ask what vegetables begin with the letter a: Most people are familiar with the fresh green veggie Asparagus. It has a lot of benefits and the researcher says it’s one of the best nutritionally well-balanced vegetables. Some folks call this veggie, sparrow grass.


Well, these were the best vegetables that start with a. There is also a huge amount of vegetables available that start with different names. You should look for all sorts of vegetables to keep your body healthy and fit.

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